MV เพลง "Your Song" - Christina Grimmie by Elton John

Music Video : MV เพลง "Your Song" - Christina Grimmie by Elton John
Uploaded by zeldaxlove64 on Oct 21, 2011

LAUREN: THANK YU for filming this!! :D I played the piano along with recording myself on Logic Pro for this song, I edited it myself and all that as well as the video end of it, so I'M NO PRO by any means ! :S However, for YOUR GUYS' SAKE, i sang this without putting any pitch correction on it, i wanted the most natural feel possible, as if I were just singing to my camera in my room. Just for yu guys :)

CHRISTINA WHY ARENT YU PLAYING PIANO!?!? well hey, I wanted to do Elton John a little more justice rather than just singing in my room. And I'm out on tour anyway, so this is something fun and stripped down for yu guys to take in. It's all the elements of my regular videos (piano and singing) just TO THE MAXXX !! :D

I hope yu guys DIG IT !!

(((again, HUGE thanks to my amazing friend Lauren for filming this with me last minute)))



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